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Hawk Walks & Owl Encounters are a vital part of our fund-raising activities and help sustain our Rescue & Rehabilition work

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Minerva's Owls of Bath

This summer The Owlery is on the Minerva's Owls of Bath Trail and visitors to our centre at Newton St Loe will be able to see our sponsored Minerva Owl sculpture*, decorated by deputy centre director and artist-in-residence Naomi Johns.

Burrowing owl
Our undecorated Minerva's Owl sculpture arrived on a snowy day in mid' March

Burrowing owl
Naomi Johns working on the decoration of our Minerva's Owl sculpture.

The Roman Baths Temple, built in the 1st century AD, was dedicated to the Roman goddess Minerva, whose animal symbol was the owl of wisdom. Minerva was the Roman goddess of wisdom, healing and the arts and was linked to the Ancient Greek goddess Athena, whose sacred animal was also an owl. The Minerva/Athena owl is thought to have been a Little Owl, one of the smallest and most charismatic of the species, still known by its Latin name, Athene Noctua. The Little Owl can be found in 84 countries, across Europe, Asia, North Africa, and the Middle East. The Little Owl was actually introduced to England from Europe in the 1880s to take care of small pests. There are thought to be 5,700 breeding pairs in the wild, some of which can be found around Bath and the surrounding areas.

The Minerva's Owls of Bath public art sculpture trail will be in place between 25th June and 10th of September. For updates on our involvement in Minerva's Owls of Bath events and for more about our own Little Owl 'Minerva' check out our Facebook page. For more information about the Minerva's Owls of Bath project visit minervasowls.org

* We'd like to thank the Raby family for generously sponsoring our Minerva's Owl sculpture.

West of England Falconry (WOEF) was established in 2010 inspired by head falconer and director Jay Marshall’s lifelong interest in ornithology. WOEF is a registered charity dedicated to the well-being of owls and birds of prey and to promoting an understanding of the historic art of falconry.

“I’ve been fascinated by birds, especially birds of prey all my life” says Jay, “...it was a falconry experience similar to the ones we now offer the public which prompted me to learn more and develop a private collection and aviaries of my own. It was only after several years of working with experienced falconers that I was able to gather a small group of trustees together to form West of England Falconry which has subsequently been granted charitable status”.

WOEF’s work aims to benefit both wild and captive birds of prey through selective breeding, training and (very importantly) rescue and rehabilitation. Education, information and promoting and sustaining the art of falconry are also a high priority.

West of England Falconry Ltd. is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee. Its company number is 07495749, its charity number is 1152982. The company's correspondence address is: The Grain Store, Newton St Loe, Bath, BA2 9BT.


How we operate

Our Centre is open to the public six days a year – Open Day dates are publicised here and on our Facebook page.

Hawk Walk and Owl Encounter experiences must be pre-booked and scheduled in advance – please contact us for availability. Hawk Walks are subject to prevailing weather conditions.


How to contact us

Please contact us by phone or email
(We don't have the resources to constantly monitor social media so enquiries or messages via Facebook may get overlooked).

Tel: 07766 767153 or 07473 757554 (9am – 5pm)

or e-mail: westofenglandfalconry@sky.com


How to find us

We are now based at Newton St Loe, just 3½ miles west of Bath.

The Grain Store is adjacent to Newton Farm Foods' farm shop and café but please use the entrance/exit route indicated by our signs and only park in the area we provide for our vistors.

Please note that for security purposes our aviaries are monitored by 24-hour CCTV


We are a charity, please support us with a ‘Gift Aided’ donation

Please support our work by booking one of our Hawk Walks or making a donation. By making a a Gift Aided donation HMRC give us an extra 25%. If you donate £10, we get £12.50 and donations can be claimed against tax – so everyone wins!

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